התוכנה שלך לשיווק ואוטומציה בוואטסאפ




The software – a system for sending messages through WhatsApp.
User – whoever purchased the software or downloaded and installed it.
Operator – Flow brand
Message – a message or messages sent through the software by the user and/or someone on his behalf.
Recipient – the person who received a message from the user through the software.


  1. This license agreements govern your use of Flow’s services and constitute a binding legal agreement between User and the operator.
  2. The operator has the right to change and/or update this license agreements at its sole discretion. The operator shall not be required to give any notification to its users regarding any change and/or update of this license agreements. Any change made to the license agreements shall take effect immediately upon posting on the operator website.
  3. By using the software, the user confirms that he read and understood this license agreements and agree to them.
  4. If you disagree with any of this license agreements please do not use the software.

Your use of the software

    1. The software’s license will be granted for a payment of a usage fee according to the details https://flow-il.com/flowlist (hereinafter: “usage fee”).
    2. The operator has the right to change the usage fee at its sole discretion.
    3. The user may start using the software after it finishes its activation.
    4. The user undertakes not to perform any action prohibited by law through the software.
    5. The user undertakes to comply with WhatsApp Terms of Use. It is clarified that the operator is not responsible for the termination of the activity and/or blocking of the user account by WhatsApp and the user hereby waives any claim against the operator.
    6. The user undertakes not to send any messages through the software which violates WhatsApp Terms of Use and/or any law .

Prohibited Content

  1. The user
    undertakes not to use the software to publish prohibited content, including:
    • Pornographic services or other sexual services.
    • Offer to purchase weapons, drugs, narcotics, or other illegal goods.
    • Offer to view illegal services or illegal software.
    • Content that exploits minors.
    • Content which includes offensive messages, including racist messages.
    • Disclosure of personal details of third parties.
  2. in case of violation of This end user license agreement and/or any provisions of any law, including in case of performing a prohibited action by the user through the software, The operator may revoke the user’s software license or block the user’s access to the software.
  3. The user is solely responsible for the content sent by him through the software.
  4. The user is strictly prohibited from using the software or allowing any third party to use the software in an offensive way and/or publish content that may offend and/or defame third parties. The user shall not infringe any third parties’ rights and/or any provision of the law.
  5. Without derogating from the above, the operator may, but is not obligated to, take every legal action against any user who violates the provisions of any law and/or the provisions of this end user license agreement.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. This end user license agreement is limited to use on one computer. The user undertakes not to perform, directly or indirectly, any act of reverse engineering or any attempt to discover the source code of the software. The user undertakes not to copy, reproduce, or distribute the software, or any part of it.
  2. The operator shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of using the software, including any act and/or omission of third parties.
  3. The operator uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous browsing data to improve the services offered by the software. It is clarified that Google Analytics collects, inter alia, information about the pages viewed, the frequency of use of the software, the length of stay on each page, how to reach the software, and more.
  4. The user undertakes to use the software according to the software instructions.
  5. The user shall bear the responsibility for Any problem and/or malfunction resulting from improper use of the software, i.e. violation of the software instructions.
  6. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the following provisions shall apply:
    • The operator and/or those on its behalf are not and will not be responsible in any case for the content sent through the software. The user is obliged to act according to the provisions of the law and to refrain from infringing the rights of third parties and/or the operator and/or anyone on its behalf, including but not limited to copyright infringement and other intellectual property rights, defamation, or deception. It is prohibited to send films and/or pictures and/or music clips and/or graphics and/or any content that may infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.
    • The operator reserves the right to provide the information of a user who is allegedly infringing this end user license agreements to third parties.
    • The operator shall not bear responsible for any illegal activity performed by the user and/or anyone on his behalf.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, the operator shall not be responsible for the content published through the software.

Privacy Policy

  1.  The operator obliges not to make any use of the user’s information without the user’s explicit consent, unless this is required by law, to prevent misuse or to protect its rights. The operator will allow access to the information only to its employees who need the information to provide the service.
  2. Data about a particular user will include, inter alia, all the information provided, directly or indirectly, to the operator at the time of registration to the site and/or at the time of placing the order and/or thereafter and/or details related to and/or deriving from the user’s activity on the software. This includes the collected data about the user and his actions while browsing and performing actions on the site and the software.
  3. The user is aware and hereby agrees that all information about him will be stored in the databases of the operator.
  4. By registering to the software / site, the user authorizes the operator to store his information as stated above and below.
  5. Consent to receive an advertisement. When submitting his details, including registering to the software/site and/or submitting an email address and/or placing an order, the user hereby gives his consent to the operator to send him notices by any means of communication at its sole discretion, including messages regarding his activity and/or the software/site activity and/or offers to purchase property or service and/or advertisements of any kind and/or system messages and/or service messages and/or other messages.
  6. Removal request under the Communications Law: The user may, at any time, request to be removed from the operator’s mailing list, including by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any advertisement sent by the operator or by sending a removal request to office@flow-il.com , in which case the operator shall not send any message which constitutes as an advertisement as defined by the law.
  7. Request for removal or review of the information under the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981:
    • The user may request to review the details held by the operator in its database.
    • The user may submit a request to change his information and/or delete it from the database.
    • The operator may change the information or delete it. It is clarified that in the event of deletion, all entries related to the user will be deleted, except for the deletion request and data about actions performed by the user on the site, including orders.
  8. Permission to transfer user information to third parties. The user hereby authorizes the operator to transfer his details to third parties, to deliver the software and other purposes.
  9. Transmission of information without identifying details. The operator may use the information provided by the user to analyze statistical information, examining the number of visitors to the software/site, segmenting shopping habits, generic segmentation, adjusting advertisements according to browsing habits, and any other purpose, to improve the software/site activity and services offered. The data will be anonymous and will not refer to you personally.
  10. Data Collection Using Google Analytics. The operator uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data to improve the services offered by the softwar/website. It is clarified that Google Analytics collects, inter alia, information about the pages viewed, the frequency of use of the website, the length of stay on each page, how to reach the website, and more.
  11. Use of cookies. The operator shall be allowed to use “cookies”, text files stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer, to provide you fast and efficient service, and save you the need to enter your personal information every time you enter the software/site. You may update your browser software, so that “cookies” will not be used or deleted from your computer.
  12. Changes in Privacy Policy. The operator may update the privacy policy from time to time at its sole discretion.


  1. The operator may transfer the provisions of this end user license agreements to a third party which undertakes to accept all the operator obligations which are specified in the Terms of Use.
  2. For additional details regarding the software, and to notify the operator regarding a violation or any other complaint regarding the software and or its use (including ‘Notify and Remove’ procedure), you can contact the operator`s customer service via e-mail (office@flow-il.com).

Applying law

  1. The interpretation and enforcement of this end user license agreements and/or any dispute arising therefrom shall be done by the laws of the State of Israel and will be clarified, if necessary, in the competent courts in the Central District cities courts.

This end user license agreements last updated on 11 January 2021