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The silence and hypocrisy of the Premier League clubs is a spit in the face of its Israeli fans.

We will not sit quietly in the face of the football world’s disregard for what is happening in Israel.

Help flood Premier League clubs with a demand for public recognition and solidarity.

Enter your name in English, mark the club you support, and after you click on the “send a message to your team” button, your email application will open with a prepared letter addressed to your club with all the club’s email addresses.

All you have to do is send.

We will not give up the truth!

The context of FLOW

Since the beginning of the fighting, FLOW has been helping organizations that help the community, reserves, public opinion, home security and more

Most of the help we provide is provided by our WhatsApp system at no cost

We have increased the amount of messages that can be sent in the demo version that does not require licensing

We changed the signature to match the spirit of the times and the signature is not marketing

In addition, we provided development hours and technological consulting to a number of entities and organizations that contacted us

Among them:

Municipalities and local authorities, associations, Chabad and private initiatives.